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Length -17'2"

Width - 20"

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Manufacturer's Statement

The closest descendant to the original skin boat and the closest experience to paddling a genuine Greenland kayak. Several thousand years of evolution led to this design of kayak: narrow, low, hard chined with graceful bow and stern profiles. When people say traditional sea kayak, this is what most people think of.

The Anas Acuta was designed with the following features:

  • A slider fitted near the cockpit, operates a retractable skeg to ensure the kayak can be easily trimmed to suit all conditions..
  • Outside seams have a hardwearing Diolen tape application.
  • Our contoured bulkhead somes as a standard feature. The curved form allows for flexion of the hull, particularly when stress is concentrated on a spot when running aground.
  • Our seat system includes an ergonomically contoured seat pan, three dimensional adjustable backband and padded customizable hip shims.
  • The classic smaller Greenland style cockpit rim, which brings your foredeck elastics and chart a little closer to view.
  • Available to order with a more Modern Keyhole style cockpit for easy entry and exit in the surf.


BayCreek's Comments


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