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Length - 18'

Width - 21"

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Manufacturer's Statement

Designed in 1975 and used for the first kayak-rounding of Cape Horn, the Nordkapp has been used on many of the world's toughest expeditions. This latest version features improved cockpit ergonomics and secondary stability. Perfect for the paddler seeking a fast, expedition-capable sea kayak

Polyethylene Version:
The most famous sea kayak in the world is now available in what is probably the best roto-moulded polyethylene (PE) construction of any manufacturer.  This kayak retains the legendary Nordkapp handling
and incorporates all of the features expected of an expedition-capable kayak. A rare combination of performance and value.

BayCreek's Comments

Dave Hulburt- Shop Manager & Instructor, 3 Star BCU Paddler (Training for 4 Star Sea) 6'2", 185-190 Lbs.

If you're familiar with sea kayaking you'll be familiar with the Nordkapp.  This boat has more firsts under it's belt than any other, from the 1st circumnavigation of Great Britain with Nigel Dennis and Paul Caffyn to Paul's legendary year-long jaunt around Australia. This kayak is fast and ready to be loaded down for a long trip.  Be aware that the standard volume is a little on the big side, so small to medium paddlers should definately consider the LV.

As for the Nordkapp RM, this is the BEST plastic boat I have ever paddled.  Most plastic sea kayaks don't actually feel like the composite boats they were moulded after, which is not the case with the Nordkapp.  This boat feels just like it's legendary predecessor!