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Bracing and Boat Control Class
Kayak Rescues

Kayak Rolling (see Private Instruction)

The Basics of Kayaking – 2½ hours
(free with Boat Buyer's Benefits)

This course is designed to teach you safe and efficient kayaking.  You'll start with learning the different types of kayaks and the conditions in which they excel.  We'll pick a kayak that is designed for your objectives and your size and show you how to set it up to sit comfortably and correctly, how to carry the boat and how to enter and exit the boat under different circumstances.  Next you'll learn the technique for using a feathered kayak paddle and why a feather paddle is biomechanically preferable.  Then we show you how to keep shoulders safe by employing the paddler's box concept.

Now it’s time to hit the water!  On water we will cover the five basic kayak strokes: forward and reverse sweeps, an efficient forward stroke, a strong, confident reverse and emergency stopping and finally draw strokes to move your kayak sideways.  This class is suited for paddlers of all backgrounds, whether you are new to the sport or have been paddling for years but lack formal training.

$60.00 / person - Reservations Required - Please Call
Maximum class size is 5 people
Ages 18 and up.  
May 14, 2016 through September
Tuesdays @ 6:00pm (June - August Only)
Saturdays @ 3:30pm
Sundays @ 9:30am

Basics of Kayaking


Bracing & Boat Control – 2½ hours

Prerequisite – The Basics of Kayaking or Equivalent

Congratulations, you’ve gotten proficient at the Basics!  Time to start having some real fun! The intermediate course is where things start to get exciting.  The most important thing to remember is that the basics are like the foundation for your house of paddling.  Everything you learn in this lesson will be built on top of the basic skills you have been practicing.  If you have a kayak, you’re ready to go!  If you need one our Instructor will help you choose the best boat for your paddling needs.

Here’s what you’ll learn…

  • What’s a spray skirt - how it is used and released
  • Familiarizing yourself with the secondary stability of your kKayak
  • Capsize prevention, or bracing (“Stationary” and  “On The Move”)
  • Edging Vs Leaning, The Fundamentals of Boat Control
  • Strokes: Supported Sweeps, Stern Slides, Braced Lean Turns

Anyone looking to take their paddling skills to the next level will come away from this lesson with a smile on their face and a list of technical strokes to practice, practice, practice!

$60.00 / person - Reservations Required. Please Call
Maximum class size is 6 people
Ages 18 and up
Mid-May - September
Select Sundays @ 1:00pm

Intermediate Kayaking



Kayak Rescues – 3 hours

Prerequisite – The Basics of Kayaking or Equivalent

BayCreek highly recommends this class to anyone interested in kayaking!  You don’t have to be interested in performance kayaking to acquire the skills to get back into your boat.  This class will allow you to:

  • perform a wet exit in a controlled environment
  • Re-enter your kayak after capsize when you are on your own (self-rescues)
  • Both give assistance and accept assistance when paddling with others in a rescue situation (assisted rescues).

Keep in mind Irondequoit Creek is spring fed so wet suits are a good idea and are available upon request.  This lesson will give you the confidence you need to take your paddling to the next level!

$70.00 / person - Reservations Required - Please Call
Maximum class size is 6 people
June, July, August(air and water temp depending)
3rd Sunday of each month @ 1:00 pm

Kayak Rescue


Kayak Rolling

Our rolling lessons are given privately.
Please see our page for Private Instruction