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Swift Adirondack 10 LT

For many small paddlers, a lightweight boat is the difference between going paddling on their own, or needing help.  Swift asked designer David Yost to push the limits - and the Adirondack 10 LT is his answer. The shorter length and absence of hatches and bulkheads allows us to build a kayak that weighs only 22 lbs in Carbon Fusion

Standard Options

  • Contour Rubber Handles
  • Stainless Steel Security Bar
  • Bow & Stern Foam Pillar
  • High Back Seat with Lumbar Support
  • Comfort Side Pads
  • Adjustable Foot Braces

Optimum Load Range: 80-200 lbs.

Industry Capacity: 360 lbs.

Length: 10'2"

Waterline Length: 9'10"

Maximum Width: 27.5"

Depth: 13"

Cockpit Size: 50"x19"

Bow Hatch: n/a

Stern Hatch: n/a



Kevlar Fusion          22 lbs         n/a

Carbon Fusion        20 lbs         n/a