P&H Hammer

The P&H Hammer is a radical new kayak primed to take ‘play the sea’ and river exploration to a whole new level.


Influences from the P&H Delphin and the Pyranha Fusion and aspects of white-water kayak design feature in the Hammer; giving both sea and white-water paddlers the opportunity to have some serious fun.


The Hammer’s dynamically angled planning hull, bow volume and narrowed stern keep it fast and light on a wave and super manoeuvrable around tight rock outcrops and in coastal swell.


Cargo capacity and flat-water speed make the Hammer ideal for self-contained river exploration. A drop-down skeg helps with tracking on flat-water sections and four storage compartments make it easy to haul enough gear for major trips.


The ultimate ocean play boat. A river exploration machine. Rock hopping, source-to-sea trips, surfing, and coastal exploration--the Hammer is versatile enough to do it all.


Optimum Load Range:



Internal Cockpit Length:

Internal Cockpit Width:

140-245 lbs.







Surf                                     61.7 lbs

Key Features

  • Planning hull and progressive rocker: Super manoeuvrable for surfing and rock gardening.


  • Subtle keel: Tracks well on the flat, is loose and disengages easily on the surf.


  • Integral skeg: Improves tracking on the flat and increases sea faring capabilities.


  • 4 hatches and full deck lines for storing gear & split paddle recesses.


  • Flat space on the deck for mounting your favourite devices.


  • Whitewater grab handles and end toggles for increased safety in big water.