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Swift Keewaydin 14 Pack

The practicality of Pack boats is key to their appeal, so when we were asked to design a performance driven Pack boat capable of extended trips, we invariably turned to David Yost’s classic design style. With signature tumblehome, sharp entry lines, a deluxe high-back seat with lumbar support, adjustable foot braces, and an ultra-lightweight carbon seat base, the Keewaydin Pack 14 is a dynamic paddlecraft. For solo canoe trippers, kayak trippers, or those who need a multi-purpose boat for a variety of paddling scenarios, the Keewaydin Pack 14 has you covered.


Carbon Kevlar


Expedition Kevlar                   32 lbs

Kevlar Fusion                         28 lbs

Carbon Fusion                       26 lbs

Standard Options

  • Deluxe High Back Seat with Lumbar Support
  • Carbon Kevlar Gunwales
  • Composite Handles & Thwarts
  • Carbon Decks

Optimum Load Range: 120-260 lbs.

Industry Capacity: 400 lbs.

Length: 14'

Gunwale Width: 24"

Maximum Width: 28"

Waterline Width: 25"

Center Depth: 11.5"

Bow Rocker: 2"

Stern Rocker: 1"