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Swift Keewaydin 17

Refined from its original design with narrower paddling stations, a sleeker hull shape, lowered seat positions, and differential rocker, the Keewaydin 17 is a dynamic multi-purpose boat. For couples who want a fast tripping boat, or for small families in need of a lake country tripper, the Keewaydin is the perfect choice.




Carbon Kevlar


Expedition Kevlar    51 lbs.    47 lbs

Kevlar Fusion          44 lbs.    39 lbs

Carbon Fusion          n/a        36 lbs

Optimum Load Range: 350-600 lbs.

Industry Capacity: 1100 lbs.

Hull Shape: Asymmetrical

Length: 17'

Gunwale Width: 32"

Maximum Width: 35"

Waterline Width: 32"

Center Depth: 14"

Bow Height: 21"

Stern Height: 18"

Bow Rocker: 2"

Stern Rocker: 1.25"

Standard Options

  • Contour Seats
  • Contour Yoke