Pyranha Octane 175 Surf Ski

Designed for medium to large paddlers, the Pyranha Octane 175 SurfSki is aimed at those of an intermediate to advanced skill level, offering speed both on the flat and through the surf and swell, without the same compromise on primary and secondary stability seen in other SurfSkis.


Whilst SurfSkis are generally found offshore playing on ocean waves, the Pyranha Octane 175 is as much at home on inland waters, including powerful rivers and expansive, rough lakes; this is thanks to a tough, polyethylene construction that will take a beating without damage, where composite skis would be left in splinters; an over-stern rudder option also means you won't have to worry about running the Octane up the beach to keep your feet dry.


The Octane 175 features a high-volume bow which blends seamlessly in to a high-sided cockpit, keeping the paddler dry and focused, whether you're aiming to catch a wave or set a new personal best; if a freak wave should spill over the top of the cockpit sides, a one-way self-bailer efficiently drains the cockpit even at low speeds, ensuring you're not left sitting in a personal puddle.


The stern of the Octane 175 is low in volume with a high rocker profile, enabling fast turns between waves; CoreLite construction as standard gives the Octane 175 impressive stiffness for a polyethylene SurfSki, but to increase its dynamic performance, a small degree of flex has been designed in to the stern, allowing a following wave to lift the boat slightly and build up pressure towards the stern of the hull, pushing the SurfSki forwards on to the greener water at the front of the wave whilst the main body of the hull remains flat, setting the Octane up to plane smoothly.


Whether you're looking to keep up your fitness during the off-season, explore the coastal surf or break in to the competitive racing scene, the Pyranha Octane 175 has something for you.

Capacity: 130-253 lbs.

Length: 17'8"

Width: 20.9"

Depth: TBD



CoreLite                               51.8 lbs