Swift Pack 10.6

The new Swift Adirondack Pack 10.6 broadens the capabilities of our Pack lineup with an ultra-lightweight design that’s as nimble as it is capable. At just 18 lbs in Carbon with a high-back seat and lumbar support, it has unparalleled comfort for a boat its size. For smaller to mid-size paddlers desiring the utility of lightweight paddle craft, the Pack 10.6 makes for effortless portages and maximized comfort on the water. A carbon fiber ‘Tech Package’ is also available, reducing the weight even further while improving an already sleek design. With so much versatility the Pack 10.6 won’t restrict your options, it will expand them.


Carbon Kevlar


Expedition Kevlar                   24 lbs

Kevlar Fusion                         20 lbs

Carbon Fusion                       18 lbs

Standard Options

  • Deluxe High Back Seat with Lumbar Support
  • Carbon Kevlar Gunwales
  • Composite Handles & Thwarts
  • Carbon Decks

Optimum Load Range: 100-220 lbs.

Industry Capacity: 325 lbs.

Length: 10'6"

Gunwale Width: 28"

Maximum Width: 28"

Waterline Width: 25"

Center Depth: 10.5"

Bow Rocker: 1"

Stern Rocker: .5"