Swift Pack 13.6

The big brother to the Pack 12, the Adirondack Pack 13.6 is suited to larger paddlers or those who simply like a little extra space! A great fishing platform, the Pack 13.6 is stable, comfortable, and has plenty of room for storage. With quick access to gear anywhere on the boat, it has all the functionality an aspiring fisherman or wildlife photographer could need.


Carbon Kevlar


Expedition Kevlar                   30 lbs

Kevlar Fusion                         26 lbs

Carbon Fusion                       24 lbs

Standard Options

  • Deluxe High Back Seat with Lumbar Support
  • Carbon Kevlar Gunwales
  • Composite Handles & Thwarts
  • Carbon Decks

Optimum Load Range: 140-280 lbs.

Industry Capacity: 400 lbs.

Length: 13'8"

Gunwale Width: 25"

Maximum Width: 27.5"

Waterline Width: 24"

Center Depth: 11.5"

Bow Rocker: 1"

Stern Rocker: .5"