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Swift Shearwater

The Shearwater is a roomy, stable solo tripper that is most at home on open water. With its high weight capacity and generous length you can bring all the gear you need and still cruise with ease. For long range solo trippers, or for those who need room for gear or a four legged partner, the Shearwater is the way to go.




Carbon Kevlar


Expedition Kevlar    41 lbs.    36 lbs

Kevlar Fusion          36 lbs.    31 lbs

Carbon Fusion          n/a        29 lbs

Optimum Load Range: 180-320 lbs.

Industry Capacity: 475 lbs.

Hull Shape: Asymmetrical

Length: 16'2"

Gunwale Width: 36"

Maximum Width: 30"

Waterline Width: 28"

Center Depth: 12.5"

Bow Height: 19"

Stern Height: 16"

Bow Rocker: 1.5"

Stern Rocker: 1"

Standard Options

  • Fixed Sliding Seat

Dave Hulburt (Canoe Instructor at BayCreek)

The Shearwater is the largest of the Swift solo canoes.  I paddle this boat because it has the perfect carrying capacity for me, my dog and our gear for a 4-5 day trip.  Measuring in at just over 16’ this boat is easy to paddle, it’s efficient and super stable.  Because it’s on the longer side it can be tricky to turn until you learn to heal it over.  Once you get comfortable with the boat on edge it turns like a dream!