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Immersion Research


IR Spray Decks are top notch! These guy's know how to make a watertight deck that will stand the test of time.We mainly feature their full Neoprene and Neo/Nylon models designed for rough conditions and technical paddling techniques.




Seals Spray Decks and Cockpit seals are made right here in New York State!  For the Recreational Paddler we stock a great selection of Nylon Decks with adjustable tunnels.   Seals also makes the industry standard SIZED cockpit seal for boat storage and transport!

Snap Dragon Designs


Snap Dragon Spray Decks are rugged and easy to put on!  If you have struggled with getting your spray deck around the combing of your cockpit Snap Dragon may be the perfect fit for you.



NRS Superstretch covers  are a wonderful solution for the paddler with Multiple kayaks.  If you only need a cockpit cover when you are transporting your kayak these versatile stretch covers can accomodate many different cockpit shapes!